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I created this blog or web site, whatever you call it, to serve as a guide or help you people make a better decission. I am no different from you, I am not a bodybuilding expert or trainer. And not long back, I too had been like you looking for a way to get out of my skinny physique. In the process I bought up a number of muscles building program mostly based on their big claims. Most of the programs turned out to be money making scams with little or no use. Infact, most of them were from people who had nothing to do with muscle building at all.

However, I did came across a program that changed my physique and life. Below you can read the personal detailed review of no nonsense muscle building - the program I am currently using. I had got two programs after a great deal of research on internet so you can simply skip all the other programs without a second thought. If I find some other really good program, i will update you on this website itself.

Six Must Know Facts About Vince Delmonte

vince delmonte

Business Website: Official Website:

Official Website Registered To:DelMonte, Vince,
587 Upper Horning Rd,
Hamilton, ON L9C7P8 CA

In Business Since: 20-Dec-2005

Featured on: and in Maximum Fitness Magazine.

Has Won the Canadian Fitness Model Championships.

Education: Studied Kinesiology and received a Honors Kinesiology degree from the University of Western Ontario

No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

It may sound strange but I was recommended No Nonsense Muscle Building by one of their competitor. It was only later that I found out that the creator of original program was a rather fat guy who had no personal experience with skinny physique. His program was just rehash of information available online.

However, nothing could have been more real than the program that Vince Delmonte has designed. Because he was also a skinny man at the beginning and did not have the god-like body that he has now, he truly understands the pain when your gym instructor asks you to do 10 pushups in front of girls and you fall flat on the ground after first two. His personal story and experience is what made me get his program.

The secrets of going from skinny guy -> bulk hunk

Contrary to popular belief I got to know that the skinny man has the better chance to get the build, not the already chunky male. This is because the muscles are going to be developed the right way which will mean a faster development also. Here are the nine principles or secrets that form the basis of his receipe for growth

• The Stress Must Be Specific
• The Stress Must Be Above Your Threshold
• The Stress Must Be With Heavy Weights
• The Stress Must Be With High Reps
• The Stress Must Be Progressive Overload
• The Stress Must Be Intense

    A screenshot of the book - each principle is clearly laid out with examples and explanations...

What the No Nonsense Really Means

The first thing that to notice with the Vince Delmonte No Nonsense Muscle Building Program was the rest and the short duration of the workouts. Most unqualified but insistent trainers had always led me to believe that they could only get the mass if I workout for two to three hours six to seven days a week. That never really worked and only lead to a massive but aesthetically unattractive muscle development. Delmonte’s approach was to make the workouts shorter but more intense and the number of days to five days a week only. This was to prevent the injury and allowing the body to heal and recover the right way. This also meant a well balanced development.

The Key is in the Healthy Diet and Nutrition

Other ‘quick and easy’ training program I mentioned at the start of this review had pushed me to purchase a lot of synthetic vitamins and supplements which were hormone full to get the mass going fast. However, this program changed my attitude into believing that the only sure fire way to gain the muscle and mass is to do it the right, healthy and nutritious way. Eating a lot of fresh fruits, raw vegetables, protein rich foods, and lots of water was the new norm.

    Diet plans and nutrition charts are clearly laid in the book

I found that WATER (& not supplements) was one of the main ingredients to get that great looking muscle. Muscles which are dehydrated look flat and lifeless, with the proper amounts of water intake the muscles fill up and look lush and full and very healthy.

More Plusses in Store

The purchase of the program included a lot of items that eased my life and me a one stop destination. These included:

Customer support which was coaching on a personal level. The coaching was done via email and is designed according to the individual preferences and needs of each customer. I found that Vince has a lot of qualified support team members out there and they were quite eager and willing to help

no nonsense muscle building support forum

    A very very strong support community with almost 12000 members and moderators to make sure you have no doubt left in your mind

There is also a database, Insane Muscle Demonstrator, which includes all the different exercises which will help guide the user on how to exercise properly.

    Programs like this make your life a breeze.. no more finding time from your gym instructor

• An 84 Day Healthy Meal Plans sorted out the problem for diet planners.
The 29 Week Step-by-Step Intensive Workout Program gave all the routines to follow for the next 29 weeks. No other resource was ever needed.
The No Nonsense Muscle Building DVD was fun especially because vince went around himself showing everything that was needed. E.g. in the video about nutrition he takes you around his home and show what his freezer contained and it was indeed lots of protein :)

no nonsense muscle building dvd

    No nonsense muscle building DVD is your chance to learn from Vince Delmonte himself!

I was an gold deal type of customer, it gave me a few extra things likes fat cutting diet plan ( I don't think I am going to need it for now), 84 Healthy Meal Plans for the Vegetarians (again not for me) similar to the first package but containing all vegetarian meals, customers can Download of the entire ebook in audio form for those few who don’t like to read and just like to listen (this was useful, i didn't had to sit in front of my computer and I love my ipod), and Lifetime email consulting of up to ten years coaching for the workout which is a cool thingie. Now that is what you call great service.

vince delmonte calorie counter

    There are enough bonuses like this calorie counter to make sure you get whatever you want..

The Downside

Nothing is perfect and this product is far from perfect. Fortunately the only thing that is imperfect is the eBook which could be quite disorganized. I mean when i read the ebook alone it looked like theoritical, it was only once I had put everything in place that things started making sense and I could get going with it but thats ok I suppose.






    Get the Hunk in You Out

    I used the no nonsense muscle building program and I liked it and I am sure you will too. You can try this program for 60 days and see if it works, if it doesn't then get your money back by sending an email to Vince or their retailer. I wished it was that easy with my other program but thats a different story.

Review of No Nonsense Muscle Building, vince delmonte

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