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Natural Herbs For Muscle Building

Ok, I hope you have already read enough about bodybuilding supplement section in bodybuilding supplement section. However some of the people are simply not interested in supplements. There could be a number of reasons for this including some established misconceptions, medical reasons, financial reasons (some supplements are costly). In any case, its not that you cannot build muscle without supplements. Supplements is just added bonus to your muscle building progress. Out here we are going to mention some natural bodybuilding supplements. Yes, there are some herbs that have the same benefit as manufactured bodybuilding supplements.


If you are a hardcore bodybuilder than you know that muscle cramps are part of the growth process. Sometimes you could also be suffering some inflammation and pain. FeverFew can be said as natural supplement. It relieves muscle cramps. Feverfew can be taken as a tablet or it can also be taken as a tincture. Recommended dosage is one cup of water every day with one teaspoon of dried FeverFew per cup.

Kola Nut

Kola nut is same type of stimulant as caffeine. However, kola nut is a much stronger one. The usage of kola nut should be limited to maximum of 1 gm per day.


Turmeric is a widely popular herb used for centuries in medical field. In countries like India it is a part of normal diet. Turmeric is especially useful for inflammation. You can take up to four hundred milligam three times each day. Turmeric also alleviates muscle pain and soreness.


Ciwujia is a herb that finds a lot of mention in Chinese herbs. Ciwujia is particularly helpful as it increases oxygenation in heart muscles. This increases the performance during workouts. Another big advantage is that it increases fat metabolism, as opposed to carbohydrate metabolism. The increase could be upto fifty percent. Ciwujia also reduces muscle fatigue.

Garcinia Cambogia

This is another contribution from Indian Medicine. It is a citrus fruit that contains hydrocitric acid, which burns fat, but does not lessen the protein or muscle mass in the body. Extract from this herbs is a common ingredient in various herbal appetite suppressant and energy products.

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Natural Herbs For Muscle Building

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Hypertrophy Protocols For Arm Training

Discovering hypertrophy has been the most exciting thing during the Hypertrophy Boot camp: Day 3. The arm exercise moves through a force curve is one of the most beneficial exercise which can prove to be an interesting work out too. Triceps can be enhanced to more great looks by following the arm training methods as described.


Divide Your Work Out Sessions

Work out sessions when divided among different times gives a better result. Be reminded that there should be a minimum of four hour difference between the multiple work sessions. You shouldn’t leave the hypertrophy based program before growing. Keep on practicing the exercises for a continued period of time.


Benefits Of Meat And Nuts Breakfast

Meat and nuts breakfast is a great source to add energy in your daily routine and catch up with your muscle building schedule. The meat and nut breakfast helps in reducing food sensitivities like allergies to eggs, casein, tuna and oat meals, meat and nut breakfast helps you alleviate such problems.


How To Build Muscles Like Your Favorite Hero

There remains anxiety in the air, as to how to build muscles like your favorite hero. At the commencement, it may appear to be a daunting task, but in reality it is not so. All you need is perseverance and courage to build muscles. But inspite of all the solid hard work there is something known as non negotiable deadlines. You should always adhere to them.’ Poor diet is an easy way to cripple your muscles, so take proper nutrition and exercise. Muscle Building oxygenates the body and allows your inner organs not to become sluggish.

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