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How to Relax Muscles After a Tiring Workout

A tiring workout can be felt by sore and sometimes aching muscles. This just indicates that the muscles went through some stress from the workout. Leaving them alone would not be good for anyone. This could lead to more painful muscles the next day or make sleep difficult because of the tension. Here are some ways to relax the muscles after going through a tiring workout:

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For those who have been working out a lot, the familiar sight of people doing their stretching routines before and after a workout in a gym is a traditional and highly effective way of relaxing the tense muscles. This helps relieve whatever tensions had accumulated on the body before the workout and after it. It will also improve the range of motion of the muscles, tendons and joints. It is important to remember that when stretching, do not persist if the muscles complain.

Breathing Exercises

Funny as this may sound, but a series of deep breathing exercises could ease the tension of the muscles. Taking deep long breaths through the nose, holding it for about 4 seconds and then exhaling through the mouth. Through the cycle, gradually the muscles gain relaxation and less tight.


Worked up muscles benefit from a good massage, especially if it is accompanied by aromatherapy. The massage will ease the knotted muscles which will eventually relax under the kneading pressure. Doing the breathing exercises during the massage would also increase the relaxation. During the massage itself, many would go to sleep as the massage is very effective in relaxing not only the muscles, but the mind as well.


Everyone needs to sleep at least eight hours a day. After a tiring workout, the body will obviously need to rest and recuperate. It would be difficult to sleep if the muscles are still sore and painful. After going through the stretching, massage and deep breathing, sleep could be easily gained. The next day the body would feel invigorated, more energised despite the workout. This is the most natural way to relax the muscles especially when it is all tensed up.

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